Multiple Hypervisors under Dynamips

I was feeling triumphant after my last post when my ICMP packets finally did their job. Unfortunately, once I connected a router to either switch and set the VLANs accordingly, the routers couldn’t ping each other.

As it turns out, the .net file I was using had references to multiple hypervisors and my two routers were on separate hypervisors. After some googling I found that hypervisors exist in Dynamips to get around the 2GB RAM barrier. In many 32-bit operating systems, a single process in userspace can’t access more than 2GB of RAM. The solution was to create multiple hypervisors, with each acting as a separate userspace process.

I’m running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu Linux, so this memory limitation doesn’t apply to me. I put all my devices on a single hypervisor, and things just worked. Hypervisors are delineated in your .net file like this:

    workingdir = /home/mark/NET_Files/LAB-1/working
    udp = 10000

I removed all these references except the first one on port 7200.

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